Kurulus Osman Season 5

Kurulus Osman 153 Season 5 Urdu, English Sub | Turgut Bey’s Entry?

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Assalam Alaikum to those who want to watch the Karolish Usman series! Friends Korlos Usman will tell you in today’s video regarding episode number 153,

who will Orhan marry first between Elchim and Holofira? What are some of the main characters returning to the series? Will Targat Korlos return to Usman and at the same time tell you who the two main characters are going to be eliminated from the series?

So to know all the interesting and important information must watch the video till the end and if you have not subscribed our channel yet then subscribe our channel now. Friends, talk about the marriage of Orhan Holofira and Elchim Khatun.

According to the news, preparations for the wedding of Orhan and Elchim have started during the shooting of the series, so will Orhan get married to Elchim first? So we give you the answer, although historically Orhan was first married to Holofira,

Kurulus Osman 153 Season 5 Urdu, English Sub | Turgut Bey's Entry?

but it is possible that Muhammed Buzdagh showed Orhan’s marriage to Elcham woman first, but it would be against history. But this marriage can be stopped in a way, because in the trailer it can be seen that when Malhoon Khatun is seen giving clothes to Elcham Khatun, Ayesha Khatun is seen jealous. and wants to marry Orhan,

Kurulus Osman 153 Season 5 Urdu, English Sub | Turgut Bey’s Entry?

that’s why she asked to kill Holofira by poisoning her so that she would get out of Orhan’s way, so at the right time, that Aisha woman can do something like that Orhan and Elchim woman’s marriage Temporarily postponed and Orhan’s marriage to Holofira should be shown first and Ayesha Khatun looks treacherous and still it is not known who was the girl who shot Yaqoob Bey,

we think she is Ayesha Khatun. Soon Ayesha Khatun’s character will end from the series. Another character is also going to end soon Korlos Osman, as can be seen in the trailer Holofira is alive and of course Holofira’s innocence is proven and soon Olivia’s treachery will be revealed and Olivia Also going to leave the series.

Friends talk about Yaqoob Bey, the director of the series, Mehmet Buzdagh, has once again contacted the actor who played the role of Yaqoob Bey and wants to bring him back to the series and according to the news, soon Yaqoob Bey and his The series will feature the return of the second son of

Talking about Turgat, the actor who played the role of Targat will not appear in season five, but in the Orhan series, the role of Targat will be brought back once again and the role will be played by a new actor.

So friends this was our short video today, if you like the video then please like the video, see you in the new video with new information, till then God Hafiz.

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