Kurulus Osman Season 4

Kurulus Osman Episode 117 (Season 4 Episode 19) English Subtitle

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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 17 English Subtitle Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 117, Ismihan runs to his mansion and decides to accept Nayman’s request for gold. Some of the Beys had trouble gathering the required amount of gold, but Ismihan assured them that the Seljuks would help them. Osman asks Konur to locate the gold caravan. Karesi continues to complain about the challenges they face.

Nayman visits Osman’s tent and expresses his desire to eat. Soon after, Olof came to pick up Frigg. Osman wanted to kill Olof, but Nayman intervened. Nayman convinces Olof to return to the castle and meet Osman. Meanwhile, Oktem learns that Frigg has been captured and becomes angry with his wife. Bengi assures him that Frigg will not reveal anything and warns the soldiers at the castle. Nayman asks his shaman to prepare medicine to help Osman. Osman takes Orhan to the shaman for treatment, which worries Malhun. Abdal tested the drug and found hope in its potential effectiveness. When Bala asked Frigg, she learned of the mage’s preparations.

Nayman expects chests full of gold to arrive soon. Osman believed that the Mongols could be defeated due to unfamiliarity with the land. The poison affecting Orhan began to weaken and Osman noticed his son’s condition improved. He invited Muslims to the tribe and asked Nayman to stay overnight. Cerkutay learns of Frigg’s arrest and asks the priest for help. 

Kurulus Osman Episode 117 English Subtitle

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