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kurulus Osman Episode 134 (Season 5 Eps 4) English & Urdu Subtitles

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kurulus Osman Episode 134 (Season 5 Eps 4) English Subtitles

So viewers, as you know at the end of Cruels Usman Episode 133, Usman Bey and Orhan Ghazi are in trouble and besides, Alauddin is not out of trouble either. How will all these difficulties come out? So today we will talk about it.

Also we will talk. About Samasa Bay. Is it time for Samasa Bay to return to join the series?

And along with that we will talk about why the previous scenes have been seen in the first trailer of Karols Usman episode 134.

Friends first talk about Samsa Bay. Is their return expected? The answer is yes absolutely.
Dear viewers, we last saw Samsa in Season 1. We are now in the final season of the series. And that means it’s time for Samsa to come. In other words, Samsa Bay will join the new season of the series when Lefke’s quest for victory begins. In fact, like Turgat Bey in Season 3, he joined Osman Bey with his clan, and was one of the key figures in Osman Bey’s conquests.

In the last season, the viewers were talking about the enemies at one place that Usman can conquer these 4 forts as soon as possible. One of whom was named Lefke Qala.

While Usman Bay was able to conquer only Hissar and Koyun Hisar forts in these forts by the end of the season. Therefore, now it is the turn to conquer the remaining 2 forts.

This is where the story of Samsa Bay will begin again. Historically, Samsa and his clan first lived with Ertugrul Ghazi in Saghut, and then had to migrate to the area around Lefke for the welfare of the clansmen.

Uthman Baylefke’s fortress would be conquered from the inside, not from the outside. He will achieve this by winning the hearts of the people there. Here, Usman Bey would seek help from Samsa Bey,

Joe knows the people of Lefke and knows the area well. Samsa would welcome Osman Bey respectfully around Lefke and ensure that Lefke was taken lightly, proclaiming Osman Bey’s justice to the public.

So, when do you think we’ll see Samsa in the series in Season 5? Please don’t forget to write your thoughts about this topic in the commit section.

Now let’s talk about Usman Bey. That they will resist Yaqub in the fort and fight in the fort. So the answer is no.

Because there are other chiefs along with Yaqub Bey in the fort at that time, therefore Usman Bey will somehow return from the fort and return to his Yeni city. And will arrange a new plan.

Because in history, Lefke Castle was not conquered by Usman Bay, but Yaqub Bay. And Yaqub Bey handed over the fort to Usman Bey as a matter of war. The coming season will tell how it happens. Well

And in another way, Bay Younes will return to Yeni city with Emre. This cannot be 100 percent correct. Tell us what you think about it in the comments. We are waiting for your comments. Thanks .

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