Kurulus Osman Episode 111 (Season 4 Episode 13) English Subtitle

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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 13 English Subtitle Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 111, Samagar attacks with poisonous arrows, hitting Mesut. Osman realized the danger and decided to retreat slowly. Malhun distributes supplies from the cave to the market. Bala allows Bengi to help, but Malhun protests, leading to an argument between Bala and Malhun. Ismihan is angry with Frigg because the Viking’s plan failed. As Ismihan plots revenge against Osman, Bengi informs him that Bala got into a fight with Malhun and Esma is now spying in the mansion. Ismihan sees an opportunity to manipulate Bala and bring him to his side. As Bala walked towards the motel, Ismihan stopped him, expressing his willingness to listen to his troubles.

Turgut reflects on his conversation with Osman and reflects on his future decisions. Ismihan visits the dungeon and talks to Konur, trying to convince him that Osman doesn’t care about him. Konur remained steadfast and refused to reveal Osman’s secret. Frigg appears, threatening to torture Konur.

Meanwhile, Osman arrives in Inegol and discusses the plan with Turgut. Bala returns to the mansion and talks to Malhun. Esma realizes it’s all a lie but keeps it to herself. Osman again criticized Turgut but asked for his help in attacking the Mongols. Turgut understands Osman’s plan of attack and agrees to help eliminate Samagar. He acted immediately and spoke to Ismihan. 

Kurulus Osman Episode 111 English Subtitle

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