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Mehmed Sultan Episode 10 Urdu Subtitle

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The second trailer for Mehmed Sultan Episode 10 Urdu Subtitle has been released on our website! The new episode of the series, highly admired on TRT1, will air on Tuesday, May 7, at 8:00 PM.

Mehmed Sultan Episode 10 Episode Overview

In Episode 10, Mehmed goes on an expedition to Karaman, leaving Evrenesoğlu Ali as the palace trustee in case of any issues in the capital. Meanwhile, Çandarlı remains in the capital with plans to take Ahmed from the harem and place him on the throne. Çandarlı bets on Gülşah, aiming to use her in his scheme. Will Gülşah fall into Çandarlı’s trap?

Halime also gets involved in Ahmed’s plans to become sultan, trying to separate him from Gülşah. Konstantinos, on the other hand, sends an envoy to Mehmed, requesting an increase in Orhan’s allocation to silence critics of Orhan’s spending.

On Mehmed’s return from the expedition, Kurtçu intercepts him with orders from Çandarlı. He offers Mehmed a choice: risk a fight with the Janissaries or pass under the swords. How will Mehmed respond to this challenge?

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  1. When will Mehmed Sultan of Conquests Episode 10 air?
    • Episode 10 will air on Tuesday, May 7, at 8:00 PM on TRT1.
  2. What is the focus of Episode 10?
    • The episode focuses on Mehmed’s expedition to Karaman and the ongoing power struggle in the capital involving Ahmed and Gülşah.
  3. What new challenges does Mehmed face in this episode?
    • Mehmed faces decisions regarding the Janissaries and must navigate Çandarlı’s plans and Konstantinos’s requests.

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Episode DetailsDescription
Episode Number10
Air DateMay 7
Main CastSerkan Çayoğlu, Tuba Ünsal
SummaryMehmed goes on an expedition to Karaman while dealing with challenges in the capital from Çandarlı and Konstantinos.

Watch the exciting journey of Mehmed Sultan of Conquests on Tuesday, May 7, at 8:00 PM on TRT1!


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