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Sutan Muhammad Fateh (Mehmed Fetihler Sultani) Episode 3 [Urdu, English Subtitles]

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Sutan Muhammad Fateh (Mehmed Fetihler Sultani) Episode 3 [Urdu, English Subtitles] Summary & Review Story

Assalam Walaikm friends: The episode starts and we see Zaganos Pasha in the forest with the merchants and ask that the goods be transported to the city by land instead of sea to avoid attacks, a merchant says. That is how we can trade but we not only buy goods but also sell the goods we produce by loading. Trader says I mean it will be a waste of both time and money. Pasha, Pasha says the situation. Our prince knows, God willing, he will find a solution soon, the merchant says, God willing, then we see that some robbers also come in this forest,

then the businessman says, let’s go, but then those robbers attack and the robber chief says take both their lives and property and leave nothing behind, then one of the robbers shoots Zaganos Pasha with an arrow and he falls wounded and then a great fight ensues between them. It happens, then the merchant comes with his soldiers and says Pasha is wounded, come quickly, pick up Zaganos Pasha, we are retreating, hurry, and take the Pasha and leave.

Sutan Muhammad Fateh (Mehmed Fetihler Sultani) Episode 3 [Urdu, English Subtitles]
Sutan Muhammad Fateh (Mehmed Fetihler Sultani) Episode 3 [Urdu, English Subtitles]Sutan Muhammad Fateh (Mehmed Fetihler Sultani) Episode 3 [Urdu, English Subtitles]

Sutan Muhammad Fateh (Mehmed Fetihler Sultani) Episode 3 [Urdu, English Subtitles]

The scene then changes and we see Prince Bayezid running in the yard with his mother Elena catching him, and then Prince Mohammed comes in. Elena says that Bayezid son is enough here. Come, then Bayezid sees his father and runs towards him, prince Muhammad picks him up, prince says I was about to fall father, prince Muhammad says don’t worry my lion son your father my son won’t let fall, then Elena says I thought you wouldn’t come out of the library sir,

Prince Mohammed says are you jealous of the books? Alina says I am right you see them more than us, also you should see your loved ones with your own eyes, Prince kisses Alina on forehead and says your longing is unfulfilled again. Elena says that it will be fine, God willing, Prince Mohammad says that right now I am going for a job, and he wants to meet me, and if there was no urgent problem, he would not have insisted so much, then Shahabuddin Pasha would come there. are and say that my princes, princes say what happened, what is all this commotion? Pasha says that the Ahi caravan was attacked by robbers on the way, Prince Muhammad says what is the situation?

The Pasha says that many have been martyred, and that Zaganos Pasha has also been seriously wounded and is now in the hospital, then Prince Muhammad is about to leave. Then in the next scene we see in Adarna that Jandali and Ishaq Pasha are looking at a sword, Ishaq says that it is very rare and beautifully made, obviously worthy of our prince, Jandali says that I I feel something about him, Ishaq, it would be appropriate for me to give him this gift.

Ishaq says that you do not care much for the prince, Pasha. Jandarli says that the Osman family will need a Sultan, if not today, tomorrow. Isaac then gives some coins to the sword maker, and he returns some coins, Isaac says why are you giving them back huh? Ishaq gets worried seeing the coins to which Jandali says you have seen your fortune on the coins Ishaq? Why are you so surprised? Ishaq says Pasha is worse than that, Jandali says what? Jandarli when he picks up the coin and sees Sultan Muhammad Khan written on it,

Jandarli asks the shopkeeper who gave it to you? So the shopkeeper says I’m not guilty, these are the only ones I got while trading in Venice, and takes out some coins and puts them on the table, After that, in the next scene, we see in Manisa that the doctor is looking at Shahabuddin Pasha’s wound, then Shahza Muhammad Khan comes there, and asks what is the situation. The doctor says we have treated the wound prince it is better than before but his wound is deep and he needs rest prince mohammed sits down beside him and says

Sutan Muhammad Fateh (Mehmed Fetihler Sultani) Episode 3 [Urdu, English Subtitles]

i swear i am those people will kill those who have done this to you, On the other hand, we see Jandali Pasha still sitting with that coin, and says that it looks like the prince has not sat comfortably in Sarohan for four years, Ishaq says you said so but I I don’t believe it, but it can’t be ignored, it’s open rebellion Pasha, it’s total rebellion, Ishaq says,

should we inform the Sultan? Jandarli says that we will think first Ishaq, we will not take any decision in haste, then Jandarli says that he will destroy himself instead of others so much that he will become the laughing stock of people, only Murad Khan first. Let us finish celebrating this saint, then we will see who is the sultan and what is the distribution of coins? In the next scene, we see in the fort of Manisa that Hikmat Bey tells Prince Muhammad that there have been so many attacks and so many lootings, so many lives have been lost, to which Shahabuddin Pasha says that the problem is We know and we are planning, Hikmat Bay, we are pursuing them with all our strength,

I hope that if not today, tomorrow we will enter their bill, Inshallah, Hikmat Bay says that we have empty He stops listening, but then a merchant interrupts him and says that the Ahiys have been attacked by robbers and this attack is neither the first nor the last. The caravan is attacked, and says that this black infidel has fallen upon us like a black cloud, for the lives they have taken, and for what we have given, no recompense, here Prince Muhammad stops him, Prince Muhammed says the people you are calling pirates are not ordinary gurus of pirates, they are very clever but their time is up now very soon my sword will be on their necks don’t worry just a little more. Be patient, says the merchant, “Prince, we will be patient, but what about widows and orphans?”

What should they do to get out of the darkness? I mean, if you don’t solve this problem immediately, there are many people who are thinking of migrating. On the other hand, in Adarna, we see that Prince Ahmad says to his mother Halima that I will be in a lot of pain, mother, should we go for some more time? Halima says that everything will pass my dear son, besides, our sultan will come and bring gifts for you, prince, then we see that there is also the queen and princess Mara in the harem, and then the sultan Murad there. The Khan comes and all the people stand up, then the Sultan says to the Prince, May Allah bless you with His Mercy,

God willing, then says, Son, may you have the kingdom, and gives the Prince a sword as a gift and says: This is the sword of our forefather Murad Khan I, which was in his hand at the time of martyrdom, take special care of it, it is a memorial to God, Halima Khatun says one day when you become Sultan, you will use it. InshaAllah, my brave son, then Sultan stands up, Halima Khatun runs to kiss his hand, but Sultan says that it will be according to traditions, first we will start with Huma Khatun, Halima falls back and Huma Khatun goes ahead. Ake kisses the Sultan’s hand, followed by Mara Khatun and then Halima Khatun comes and kisses his hand. She gives a dagger as a gift,

then says to Halima that may Allah give your son a long life, Inshallah, Halima says thank you Huma, and says that your son may also live a long life. It then changes and we see Janus’ palace where Prince Mirja of Wallachians comes and says I have come to see Janus, the soldier comes into the tent and says Prince of Wallachians, Janus says. I heard bring it in, Prince comes and says General Janos, Janos lies down and says are you angry with me for not honoring you? Prince says no, Janos says we won’t be able to agree if you lie, Prints says a little, Janos stands up and says then do you want me to respect you? Prince doesn’t say anything, Panos angrily says that I don’t like it at all when no one answers my questions, Prince Mirja, then Janos says,

“Do you know what I see when I look into your eyes?” Is? You can’t change your destiny by fighting inside, no one will call you a coward because of the difficulties you face, when I look into your eyes, I see a young man who wants to be a king, says Prince Mirja. We already have a king, Janos laughs and says, “The despicable king who sold his soul to the Ottomans?” Mirja says that he is my father, Yanos says that he who made his children hostage to the Ottoman Empire is a coward father?

Sutan Muhammad Fateh (Mehmed Fetihler Sultani)

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