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Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 10 Urdu, English Subtitles Free of Cost

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Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 10 Release date Info:

Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 10 Urdu, English Subtitles Free of Cost
  • Type: TV series
  • Episodes: 10 (21 January 2)
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Aired: Oct 4, 2023, to?
  • Premiered: Oct 4, 2023
  • Broadcast: Thursdays at 20:00 (Turkiye)
  • Producers: PAk-Turks (Akli Film)
  • Licensors: TRT
  • Studios: PAk-Turks (Akli Film)
  • Source: Original
  • Genres: Historical, Drama, Action
  • Duration: 140 minutes
  • Rating: TV-14

Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 10 Summary And Review Story

The beginning is with the blessed name of the Lord who knows the secrets of the hearts well. Peace be upon those who want to watch the Quds Fateh Salahuddin Ayyubi series.

Friends, in today’s blog, we have brought you very great information about Salahuddin, so to know all the information in detail, watch the video till the end.

Friends, as you know that the new trailer does not reveal any clear information about Saladin’s whereabouts, but there are some signs that show that Saladin has survived, the most obvious sign being that one A horse is galloping, and someone is lying unconscious on top of that horse, and we think the person lying on that horse is 100% Saladin, which means that neither the Caratigans nor the hill lord Sinan’s men. saved Salahuddin, but whoever saved him quickly put Saladin on the horse and made the horse run.

So, friends, the question arises here, who finally saved Salahuddin? But don’t worry guys, are we? We will tell you who will save Saladin. Friends, we think that either a new character is going to join in this series or Omar Mulla has saved Salahuddin, or someone who knows Omar Mulla has come and saved him.

Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 10 Urdu, English Subtitles Free of Cost

Friends, only one person comes to our mind on this issue and that is Muzaffaruddin Gokbaru, who was a great and excellent commander among the close associates of Saladin.

Who was Muzaffaruddin? So let us try to give you brief information about it,

Dostu Muzaffar al-Din Salah al-Din was one of the best and bravest Amirs and Generals of Ayyubid and a great and skilled commander. He held important positions in both Zangi and Ayyubid states. Many wars against the crusader states, the conquest of Jerusalem and the third crusade also made an important decision.

Before the conquest of Jerusalem in 1187 he killed all the Temple Knights with a Mamluk army of 7,000 men under his command, a victory that gave the Ayyubids a significant advantage before the Battle of Hattin.

Gokbro has great historical importance, maybe he came at the request of Umar Mulla and saved Saladin, in fact we feel that Gokbro is not Karategan. Who later converted to Islam and became Muzaffaruddin Gokbaru from Karatigan?

Well, since Caratigan is the last son of his clan, it means that it is possible that Caratigan saved Saladin, what do you guys think about this, don’t forget to comment and let us know. ,

So friends, our today’s video ends here, friends, we request you to like our blog and also subscribe to the channel. See you in the new video with new information. Until then, God bless you.

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