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Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 15 Salahuddin’s soldiers [Urdu + Eng] Sub

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Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 15 Release Date Info:

he episode starts and we see Salahuddin’s soldiers in the jungle giving medical aid to Gaza’s wounded, then a dervish says that Gaza is a graveyard and there is no one alive, then we see Salahuddin. There are those who say that there is a large army of crusaders in Gaza that it is impossible for us to enter, and say that first we will put these victims in a safe place, then we will take our next step according to the situation,

then we will be there. Some Jews come to Salahuddin and say that just as Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) made a way through the sea, so you have saved us from Pharaoh. You will send everyone safely to Askalan, so a Muslim man there says what about Gaza, it is our homeland? To which Salahuddin says that I swear that I will not hand over Gaza to these oppressors, and Gaza is not just a target of victory for us,

Salahaddin Ayyubi Season 1 Episode 15

but now it is a matter of our honor. looks at the dervish who is walking around saying that Gaza is a graveyard and there is no one there, seeing him, Paras says that the poor man has lost his senses after seeing the carnage, then Saladin tells Aatsis that We will go first. You tell the border guards to bring all these people to Askalan.

Meanwhile in Gaza we see Gregor going mad with rage and saying damn Salahuddin, how did he know? How did he get there? So the commander says should I send soldiers after him? In response, Gregor says that even if he sends it, what will happen? And anyway they can’t reach them wearing the iron bit, then Gregor tells his soldiers to all take off the iron bit, and you all have to be as fast as a leopard!

Then Avram says that Salahuddin has saved the people of Gaza, and now he will not give up Gaza, but in the process of getting Gaza he will also lose Askalan, and he won’t even know it. Gregor says how Askalan? In response, Avram says that while sending the Christian army to Gaza, some troops were sent by him to attack Askalan, and when Saladin returns to Askalan, he will find there only the dead bodies of his loved ones.

Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 15

After that the scene changes and we see the scene of Askalan where a soldier comes and Surayya tells the lady that as per your order we have brought the martyrs outside the city, to which Surayya says That the grave of those who gave their lives for Askalan will be built in Askalan,

let’s take them all, then we see that a huge army stands on the border of Askalan, while Surayya Khatun says that these soldiers conquered has given his life for, may his soul rest in peace, then as soon as Surayya lady removes the cloth from a dead body, the crusaders come out from inside, who launch a fierce attack on Askalan, whose Surayya lady and The Zangi soldiers fight bravely,

but then the crusaders capture the Surayya woman and the Aisma woman, and then just as the crusader is about to kill the Aisma woman, a spear hits the soldier, and The Aisma woman escapes, and the man who rescues the Aisma woman is the same man who stands on the border of Askalan with a large army,

then the man tells his soldiers to kill everyone, and then a great battle ensues. begins, and soon his soldiers are killing all the crusaders, but some of the crusaders hold the Surayya woman at the sword, then the man comes forward and tells them that the leopard’s Do you know? He lives alone and grows up alone, and when he spots his prey, he single-handedly takes to the field with his claws sharpened and tears his prey apart, saying the rest of the baby crusaders. Then Surayya goes to the person and asks who are you? In response, the person says, “Leopard of Mosul.

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