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Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 16 [Urdu + Eng] Sub

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Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 16 Summary & Explanation

Assalam Alaikum friends: The episode starts and we see Karatigan saying that Nuruddin Zangi has tried to control our tribe by playing fox tricks. Can a fox be the leader of wolves? Whereupon one of the chiefs says that Sultan Nur-ud-Din and Ismat Khatun have given a verdict, and that Ismat Khatun has allied himself with Sultan Nur-ud-Din as the chief of our tribes, and it is in our interest to support them, Caratigan. He says, “Well, support, absolutely support, whoever is the chief of this tribe, you will support him, so the chief of this tribe will be changed, and I want a consultation meeting.”

The meeting cannot be held because of your greed. Caratigan says that I am a descendant of the chiefs of this clan, I have the right to call a meeting, and I want a consultative meeting according to traditions. Otherwise I have other ways you know. Asmat Khatun takes out her sword and says then take out your sword and move forward, in this way, either I will die or you. On this, a chief says that it seems that all this will end in bloodshed, we do not want chaos among ourselves, Karatigan sir, we will discuss and decide among ourselves to hold a consultation meeting.

And then all the chieftains leave. Then Ismat Khatun says that all the chiefs have pledged allegiance to me and Sultan Nooruddin, if you call a meeting, will you be elected chief? Karatigan says surely I will have a plan, and I will take away this chieftainship from you, you cannot rule us with Nuruddin Zangi. And he says, “See how the wolf foils the fox’s tricks with his claws.” The scene then changes and we see Gregor in the forest saying that we have ambushed all the roads, the soldiers are scattered everywhere, Saladin will not be able to reach his tribe, then he says that we are his. We can weaken Saladin by attacking the tribe, but why are we not doing that?

Abram says that’s enough for now, if we attack the tribe, Sultan Noor al-Din will intervene and then the matter will get more complicated, then says we have to go back to Gaza, Salah al-Din escapes this circle of death. will not find, and he himself will come and hand over the casket to us. After that, the scene changes and we see that Saladin and his companions are carrying the coffin in the forest, when suddenly their wheel gets stuck in a pothole, then when everyone is watching, the wheel breaks. So a soldier says that the wheel is broken sir, Saladin says that they have set a trap and then many crusaders come in front of him and say that all the roads leading to your tribe are blocked. Saladin, you will not reach the tribe,

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this coffin will lead to the death of you and your loved ones, and then there is a great battle between them and Saladin and his companions put all the crusaders to hell. Then Salah-ud-Din moves forward and seeing the crusaders army says that all the roads are blocked, Atsiz says that we will attack them and destroy them all Amir Hazrat, Salah-ud-Din says that they The number is very high, and of course there will be many hiding, Orfali says that the people of the tribe must have been besieged, what should we do now, Amir Hazrat? On the other hand, we see in the forest that Emir Ayub says hurry,

we have to get the goods to the Syrian market before the merchants go back, and then many crusaders come and surround them, the crusader vizier says that someone He will not survive from here, and says to confiscate their property, Salahuddin’s sister says that they will take away our property, Soraya Khatun says that the attempt to take our lives was not enough, was it? Now you people have looked at our wealth, Buzlu, the minister says that this is the first punishment for you people, we have closed all the roads leading to your tribe, if you try to leave the tribe again, we will They will not only take your property but also your life, Amir Ayub says show this enmity on the battlefield, it is cowardice to block the road and confiscate property,

Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 16

the minister says your son Salahuddin has also taken away one of our important things from us. Amir Ayub says that if my son has done something like this, then you people are entitled to it, but we will not hand over our property or life to you. will give, says the Wazir, then all right, attack, we will kill them both before your eyes, we have stationed our soldiers on all the roads, anyone who leaves the Qibla will be killed, and He says if Salahuddin does not listen to us, we will kill you all. On the other side we see Saladin where Atsiz says the tribesmen are trapped there and we are stuck here, Saladin says we will not give up, you guys go and hide the coffin in the cave, then he says to Pars.

Send a message to the tribe by pigeon that no one should leave the tribe and worry about us, everyone be of good cheer, we will soon defeat their trap and return to the tribe, and say to Atsiz that you are with me. Come, Atsiz says where is Amir Hazrat? Saladin says we have to go to Gaza. After that, we see that Amir Ayub returns to the tribe with his caravan, Aisma Khatun asks what happened to Soraya? Soraya Khatun says that we could not take the goods,

Amir Ayub says that the crusaders have blocked all the roads and confiscated our goods, Aisma Khatun says what? What does the placenta mean? We had worked so hard, you people handed over the property to them so easily? In response, Soraya Khatun says that otherwise they would have killed us, Ayub Baba did exactly right, then Fatima Khatun comes there and says why are you doing this in the middle of the tribe? Asma Khatun says that the crusaders have blocked the way, now you guys sit on your hands, and says will you guys protect the tribe like this?

Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 16 urdu

Amir Ayub says everyone calm down, then a soldier says that you guys can’t do anything but show cowardice, to which Turan Shah says how are you talking to my Baba and go and ask him. He starts to beat, then Amir Ayyub goes and stops him, and says, “Don’t be angry if you don’t start now.” That we people have come here taking all kinds of risks. Do you think that settling a new city is so easy? There are crusaders everywhere, because Saladin has put his foot on their tail and that is why they have blocked all the roads to the tribe.

Then Turan Shah says that I am taking the border guards, Baba, now we will not bear the cruelty of crusader dogs anymore. I will finish them all. Then Salahuddin’s sister comes running there and says that Baba Salahuddin Bhai has sent a message through a pigeon and has written that do not leave the tribe until I come. Then Amir Ayub says to Turan Shah, “Have you heard?” Of course Saladin will have a plan so we will protect the clan and no one will leave the clan. Turan Shah says that my patience has paid off, sage, the cruelty of the crusaders has increased more than anyone, if Saladin does not come, I know what I have to do. Saying this, Turan Shah leaves here. The scene then changes and we see Ismat Khatun and Ibuke Khatun come to the palace of Sham and say that they have to meet Sultan Nuruddin, to which Imad says that they are waiting for you, Ismat Khatun.

Then Asmat Khatun starts to take off her sword, Imad says that now you don’t need to leave your sword outside, this is the order of Sultan Nooruddin. Imad then takes them both to the Sultan, and Queen Sultan, who is standing above, is watching all this and says to her Dasi, “Are you watching?” Nooruddin doesn’t even remove his sword now, Dasi says why didn’t His Excellency Sultan remove his sword? The queen says to let everyone know that this is going to be his wife, but I won’t let that happen. After that the scene changes and we see the Caratigans in Ashkelon killing Modud’s soldiers and taking a cart full of goods from them, and then Modud comes running and tells Caratigan. What made you crazy?

Karatigan says you said you are not in favor of this relationship, and look you are getting so many gifts prepared, wow leopard wow, we thought you were a leopard, but you turned out to be a cat, says Maudood. That we are not answerable to such an unbeliever as you, even if there is no consent, we will still do what is our duty, and says, “Recall my horses or I will kill you all.” Karatigan says you betrayed me too, yes leopard, then Karatigan takes out his sword and says now everyone will see my revenge, Maudud says I had to say the same to Sultan but I also warned them.

done, and also takes out his sword. On the other hand, we see in the palace of Syria that the lady Asmat tells Sultan Noor al-Din that Caratigan wants to call a consultative meeting and get the chieftainship, if he succeeds, he will become the head of the tribe, and this is in the way of our unity. It will be an obstacle. The Sultan says that all the chiefs are with us, what does Karatigan think that he will be able to succeed? In response, Ismat Khatun says that I thought the same but I think he will play some game to win over the chiefs.

Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 16 English

Maudood will also support him and this will make things difficult. Sultan says that Maudud who is hota ismat khatun, I am with you. Success in this meeting will be yours and the position of chieftaincy will be yours till marriage. And they say that this marriage will fulfill our purpose of union, and there is no way. Then Sultan says what is bothering you? Ismat Khatun says that you had promised to marry me many years ago, but then there was enmity between us, now everyone knows about our marriage decision, if something goes wrong, I can stand up to anyone. I will not stay. Sultan says we have taken everyone’s opposition for this marriage, know that after this, even if the whole world turns against me, I will definitely fulfill my promise to you, Insmat Khatoon. On the other hand, Maudud says that bring back my horses or I will cut off your head from your body. Maudood says you don’t have enough time to ask for tribute from the Leopard of Mosul, Karatigan says

I am not asking for tribute, I need money because I will call a consultation meeting before the marriage, take away the chieftainship from you and make the chieftains their own. I must sleep for the side. Maudood says that this is what you would have told earlier that this is what you want, then I will give you a lot of wealth. Why did you make me angry by showing insanity? Caratigan says that everyone has their own style, and tells Albs to bring back the leopard’s horses, then says to take back your gifts and load the horses with gold, see don’t be stingy,

get as much gold as possible. Dina, after all we have to spoil their game, so we need coins and gold. Maudood says that if you had any other purpose, I would have cut off your head and sent you on the same horses. On the other hand, we see in the palace of Syria that Asmat Khatun is going back, Queen Sultan goes there and says that you have got what you wanted, and says that you approached Nooruddin and Poisoned her mind, Insmat Khatun replies that the purpose of this marriage is clear, don’t try my patience. Queen Sultan says that on the first day, I sensed your intention to tell the chiefs of your clan on this pretext, from your eyes. And says what a stubborn woman you are, Nooruddin left you many years ago but you are still dreaming of him. Then Iboke lady says we forbade you to accept this relationship na apa, see how people are talking about our honor. At this, Queen Sultan says who are you rude to talk about me like that, and is about to slap Ebuke, but Lady Asmat grabs his hand and says, “Beware, you are silent.” If you try to raise your hand,

I will cut it. Queen Khatoon says I will never let you occupy the palace, you will not even be able to enter. Who will take out who? Queen says till I am here you will not be here. All this will remain incomplete as it was many years ago. I will not let your dreams come true. On the other hand, we see in Gaza that Queen Victoria tells Abram that for one thing you have been doing things in secret from us, and now you are complaining that Saladin stole your coffin. Abram says I have told you guys that I am trying to increase our power. This is your benefit. Gregor says why are we being kept unaware of our benefits Abram? Avram says that I should have told you at the right time,

then says that the holy casket that Saladin has is the source of my strength, and if my strength is weakened, then the strength of you people is also weakened. will be done And tells Victoria that your brother will take the throne from you, and you will end up dead. And tells Gregor that not a single soldier will remain with you, then you can imagine what Saladin will do to you people. And then Abram’s companion comes

there and says that Mr. Salahuddin has come. And this is the end of today’s episode, friends if you haven’t seen the previous episode then at the end of this video you will get it on your screen and also in the description box you will get the link. Friends, if you like the video, please like the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, see you in the next episode. Till then Allah Bless You.

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