Countless medical benefits of fasting (Roza)

The special month of Ramadan is an irreplaceable gift for Muslims. In this holy month, the special blessings of Allah are revealed, Ramadan is the month of blessings and blessings. Good news is good news for those fasting in this holy month.

In Ramadan, the whole system of the fasting person changes, the order of eating, drinking and sleeping also changes, less food and less sleep become the norm of the fasting person, which is completely different from the eleven months of the year and it is many. Essential for human health.

Fasting is also a natural means of developing patience and perseverance, self-purification and the feelings of self-sacrifice and compassion, as well as removing countless diseases from the human body. It is the best reason to cleanse the human body from many impurities and also to remove toxins from the body. Non-Muslim western researchers are now forced to recognize the physical benefits of fasting.

A study conducted in the United States has shown that eating habits directly affect the human brain, and living with a full stomach all the time is harmful to the brain, which makes people prone to diseases such as stroke, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. may suffer. Research results have shown that fasting two days a week can easily prevent these diseases. Apart from this, fasting can also help children to get rid of epilepsy. Research has shown that people around the world have made eating three meals a day a routine and it has come to be considered as the very nature even though it is wrong.

We want to keep changing our eating habits. After some indefinite intervals, we should keep fasting because when we reduce our calories, it increases our age and the diseases associated with aging also do not affect a person quickly. In Islamic teachings, the physical and spiritual importance of fasting is Muslim. 14 hundred years ago, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ gave a practical demonstration of fasting two days a week and said that this practice is a protector of physical health.

By the grace and grace of Allah, the rain of blessings and mercy of the month of Ramadan has come in our life once again. This holy month not only carries the message of Allah’s pleasure and pleasure and abundant forgiveness, but it is also the best source of health and well-being.
. Generally, people’s tendency towards worship naturally increases during Ramadan. Fasting is a form of worship that involves both the human body and soul. Fasting is not just a name for staying hungry and thirsty, but a practical practice of following the principles of nature.

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