Iqrar Ul Hassan Confirms Third Marriage with Uroosa Khan

Renowned host Iqrar Ul Hassan, known for his impactful presence on the show ‘Sar e Aam,’ has recently made headlines yet again, this time for his personal life. With a distinguished hosting style, Iqrar Ul Hassan has carved a niche for himself in the realm of media.

While his hosting prowess shines bright, Iqrar Ul Hassan’s multiple marriages have also garnered attention. With not one, but three marriages to his name, Iqrar Ul Hassan manages his familial responsibilities with commendable balance and success.

What’s intriguing is that all three of Iqrar Ul Hassan’s wives hail from the field of journalism. His first wife, Qurat Ul Ain, shares a son named Pehlaaj with him, while his second wife is named Farah Iqar. Now, confirming the news that stirred social media a few months ago, Iqrar Ul Hassan has officially announced his third marriage to Uroosa Khan.

Initially, amidst speculations, Iqrar Ul Hassan neither confirmed nor denied the news, leaving many puzzled. However, in a recent interview with a YouTube channel, Iqrar openly discussed his third marriage with Uroosa Khan, emphasizing his ability to maintain harmony across his marriages.

In the interview, Iqrar Ul Hassan delved into the topic at length, shedding light on various aspects. If you wish to hear the full interview, the link is provided below.

As the news of Iqrar Ul Hassan’s third marriage surfaces, what are your thoughts? Do you believe it’s merely for enjoyment, or is there a deeper reason behind his decisions? Share your perspectives with us.

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