Madison Alworth Husband: Is she married to Michael Rentgen

Madison Alworth is a well-known American journalist and TV personality who praised her role as FOX Business Reporter۔ Although his professional achievements have attracted attention, he has a keen interest in unveiling details about his personal life, including his background, relationships، Husband and much more۔ This article seeks to present detailed research into the life of Madison Alworth, his early years, education, family, relationship status، And touches on his successful journey in the field of journalism۔

Madison Alworth Wikipedia, Bio

Birthplace and Age of Madison AlworthBorn in New Jersey in the 1990s. Specific birthdate and age not publicly disclosed.
Madison Alworth’s Educational BackgroundAttended Yale University for a Journalism Certification, majoring in Political Science & Journalism.
Madison Alworth’s Parents and FamilyParents: Norma Alworth and Sweeta Alworth. Sibling: Younger brother named Ian Alworth.
Marital Status and Boyfriend of Madison AlworthNot married; in a relationship with Michael Reintgen (Mikey), a doctor, since late 2019.
Start of Relationship with Michael ReintgenTheir relationship is believed to have started in late 2019.
Wikipedia Page for Madison AlworthNo dedicated Wikipedia page available at present.
Madison Alworth’s Career in JournalismWorked with FOX Business, NBC News, Cheddar Inc., and WTSP-TV (Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL).
Joining Fox Business NetworkJoined Fox Business Network as a New York-based correspondent in September 2021.
Madison Alworth’s Net Worth as of 2023Estimated net worth is around $1 million in 2023.
Plans for Marriage between Madison Alworth and Michael ReintgenNo information available regarding marriage plans; they maintain a private life.

Madison Alworth was born in New Jersey in the 1990s in the northeastern part of the United States۔ She is a proud American and raised in a Christian environment۔ Madison’s parents, Norma Alworth and Sweeta Alworth, are important figures in her life, but specific details about her have been kept private۔ Occasionally, Madison peeks into her family life on social media, introducing her younger brother, Ian Alworth۔ They seem to have a special and close relationship۔

To fulfill her dreams of working in the news industry, Madison went to Yale University in 2011۔ He completed his education there in 2015 and received a degree in journalism۔ During his time at Yale, Madison focused on political science and journalism، Which helped lay the groundwork for his later successful career in journalism۔

Madison Alworth’s Relationship And Husband

Madison Alworth Husband: Is she married to Michael Rentgen

In addition to her work in journalism, Madison Alworth has a special and deep connection with her boyfriend, Michael Rentgen، Also known as Mickey and works as a doctor۔ They have been together for a long time, their relationship is thought to have started in late 2019۔ Madison and Mickey prefer to keep their relationship private۔ Although not married, Madison shared a glimpse of her enduring bond on Instagram when she celebrated her second birthday on July 13, 2021۔ Although it is not clear if they intend to get married, they remain a happy and supportive couple۔

Madison Alworth Career & Net Worth

Madison Alworth began her career in journalism when she was in college۔ He received an internship in the newsroom at WDRB News, which is affiliated with a FOX in Louisville, Kentucky۔ After graduating, he continued to develop his skills by working as an anchor, reporter, and editor for YTV، Especially on the Yale Daily News Broadcast News Desk۔ As she progressed in her career, Madison played various roles in NBC News۔ There, he worked as a news associate and as a producer for Knightley News, Today Show, and the Northeast Bureau۔


Madison Alworth’s journey from enrolling at Yale University to working as a FOX Business Reporter is a testament to how much she loves journalism And are determined۔ Although he has achieved a lot in his career, there is a gap in telling his inspiring story because there is no dedicated Wikipedia page about him۔ As medicine continues to make important contributions to the field of journalism، Before the story of his life is recognized and shared on a platform like Wikipedia, That way, more people can learn about his wonderful career and personal experiences۔


1. Where was Madison Alworth born, and what is her age?

Madison Alworth was born in New Jersey in the 1990s. As of now, her specific birthdate and age details are not publicly revealed.

2. What is Madison Alworth’s educational background?

Madison attended Yale University, where she pursued a Journalism Certification and majored in Political Science and Journalism.

3. Who are Madison Alworth’s parents and family members?

Madison’s parents are Norma Alworth and Sweeta Alworth. She also has a younger brother named Ian Alworth.

4. Is Madison Alworth married, and who is her boyfriend?

Madison is not married. She is in a relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Michael Reintgen, also known as Mikey, who is a doctor.

5. When did Madison Alworth and Michael Reintgen start dating?

Their relationship is believed to have started in late 2019.

6. Does Madison Alworth have a dedicated Wikipedia page?

As of now, Madison Alworth does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

7. What is Madison Alworth’s career background in journalism?

Madison has worked with various news outlets, including FOX Business, NBC News, Cheddar Inc., and WTSP-TV in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida.

8. When did Madison Alworth join Fox Business Network?

Madison joined Fox Business Network as a correspondent based in New York in September 2021.

9. What is Madison Alworth’s net worth as of 2023?

As of 2023, Madison Alworth is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.

10. Is there any plan for Madison Alworth and Michael Reintgen to get married?

There is no information available about their plans for marriage as of now. They continue to maintain a private personal life.

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