Makeiva Albritten, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Height, Bio & More About Life

A lot of people have been interested in learning more about their favorite actress, Makeiva Albritten, lately. In addition to wanting to know Makeiva Albritten’s age and net worth in 2023, they also want to know if she is married, has a spouse and children, and other More About Life. We will make every effort to provide you with all of this information in this post.

American performer Makeiva Albritten is a dancer, model, and actor. She is well-known for her roles in TV series and films. Her roles in “Kingsmen,” “Queen of Kings” (2022), and “Make It Out” (2023) won her a lot of fans. She’s incredibly talented, and a lot of people in the entertainment industry are aware of her.

She is also active on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. She converses with her followers and opens up about her life and career. In this way, her admirers feel connected to her and can see what she’s up to. Thus, in addition to her talent, she exudes friendliness and ease of communication in the entertainment industry.

Makeiva Albritten, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Height, Bio & More About Life

BirthdateJuly 17, 1995
Age28 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignCancer
Height5 feet 6 inches (about 167.64 cm)
Weight160 pounds (about 72.14 kg)
EducationAttended Wayne State University
Social MediaFacebook and Instagram profiles available
CareerActress, dancer, model, influencer
FamilyNotable for being a mother of two kids
Relationship StatusCurrently dating James Perkins
Net WorthEstimated net worth of around $500,000 (as of 2023)
Movies and TV ShowsActed in several films, with upcoming projects in 2023/2024
Previous MarriageWent through a divorce in 2020
ChildrenTwo children: Jayden (7 years old) and Kayla (2 years old)

Age of Makeiva Albritten

The birthdate of Makeiva Albritten is July 17, 1995. She will be 28 years old in 2023. Her sign is Cancer, which indicates that she is artistic and sensitive.

Makeiva Albritten Height & Weight

Makeiva Albritten stands at a height of 167.64 centimeters, or five feet six inches. Her weight is around 72.14 kilos, or 160 pounds.

Madeiva Albritten’s education

Makeiva Albritten attended Wayne State University, an excellent institution offering a wide variety of courses. She improved herself and learned a lot while she was there. She engaged in extracurricular activities in addition to her studies outside of the classroom. This enhanced her academic experience and aided in her personal development during her time at Wayne State University.

Makeiva Berthold Ethnicity and Nationality

Makeiva Albritten is American since she is an American citizen. She identifies as African-American ethnically, meaning that although she was born and reared in the United States, her family is from Africa. People from many various backgrounds coexisting in America is part of what makes it fascinating and unique.

Makeiva Albritten’s Instagram and Facebook addresses

It’s evident that Makeiva Albritten has a sizable social media following. This demonstrates her great success. Click here to follow Makeiva Albritten, your favorite actress, on Facebook, and click here to follow her on Instagram. She doesn’t post anything on Instagram at the moment, but she posts more frequently on Facebook.

What Was Makeiva Albritten’s Career Launched?

Makeiva Albritten began her professional life as a model and dancer. She excelled in dancing competitions and gained notoriety for her modeling work in prestigious publications.

She ultimately chose to pursue acting. She debuted as April in the film “Bond Money” in 2022. That same year, she also starred in “Queen of Kings,” costarring alongside Michael Blackson, Clifton Powell, and Vivica A. Fox in the role of Alicia.

Makeiva also starred as Kyra in the humorous TV series “The Dirty D,” which was developed by Jamar Hill, in 2022.

Makeiva Albritten: Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth, Bio, Film and Television
Makeiva is now engaged on two new initiatives. In the Jamar Hill-directed comedy “Drugz & Strippers,” which also stars Michael Blackson, Clifton Powell, and Vivica A. Fox, she will reprise her role as Keiva. Alongside the same fantastic ensemble, she plays the major role in Jamar Hill’s follow-up drama film, “Make It Out 2.”

In addition to her acting career, Makeiva is a gifted model, influencer, and dancer. Over 10,000 people subscribe to her YouTube channel, where she posts about her lifestyle and dance moves. She has more than 431,000 Facebook friends who adore her travel, fashion, and beauty photos. Makeiva’s work has a lot of admirers, and they can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next.

Family Makeiva Albritten

Makeiva Albritten hasn’t disclosed to her admirers any information about her family, including her parents’ occupations or whether she has siblings. But we guarantee that we will add all of these details to this post under the appropriate subheading as soon as we receive them.

Has Makeiva Albritten previously separated from her husband?

Unbeknownst to you, Makeiva Albritten, your all-time favorite actress, went through some difficult periods in her personal life. Despite her professional success, she has already gone through a divorce. After two years of dating, she got married to her first lover in 2018, a lavish event that was widely publicized on social media and the internet. However, they decided to call it quits on their marriage in 2020 because of a problem. You most likely didn’t anticipate learning this about Makeiva Albritten.


Who is Makeiva Albritten?American actress, model, and dancer known for her roles in TV series and movies.
Age in 202328 years old.
Marital Status and ChildrenDivorced with two children.
Net Worth in 2023Approximately $500,000.
Current Relationship Status in 2023Dating businessman James Perkins.
Height and Weight in 20235 feet 6 inches tall and 72 kilograms in weight.
Religion and RaceIdentifies as African-American and practices Christianity.
Names of ChildrenTwo children named Kayla and Jayden.

First of all, who is Makeiva Albritten?

A: American actress, model, and dancer Makeiva Albritten rose to fame for her parts in a number of TV series and motion pictures. Her roles in “Kingsmen,” “Queen of Kings” (2022), and “Make It Out” (2023) are well-known.

Q2: In 2023, how old will Makeiva Albritten be?

A: In 2023, Makeiva Albritten will be 28 years old.

Question 3: Is Makeiva Albritten a divorced woman? Does she have kids?

A: Makeiva Albritten is a divorced mother of two kids.

Q4: In 2023, how much will Makeiva Albritten be worth?

A: In 2023, Makeiva Albritten will have a net worth of about $500,000.

Q5: Since her divorce, has Makeiva Albritten dated anybody else?

A: Yes, businessman and entrepreneur James Perkins and Makeiva Albritten are now dating.

Q6: In 2023, what will be Makeiva Albritten’s height and weight?

A: In 2023, Makeiva Albritten will be 72 kilograms in weight and 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Q7: What religion and race does Makeiva Albritten belong to?

A: Makeiva Albritten identifies as African-American and practices Christianity.

Q8: What are the names of the kids that Makeiva Albritten has with her previous husband?

A: Makeiva Albritten’s first husband gave birth to two children. Kayla and Jayden are their names.

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