Watch the Trailer for Episode 19 of Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi | New Episode Trailer Released

After the last episode of Episode 19 of Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi, the new episode trailer is making waves. TRT 1’s historical series continues to excite viewers with its historical taste and upcoming episodes.

In the previous episode, after Avram seized the Ark of the Covenant, a death order was issued for Sultan Nureddin. Saladin fought hard to save Sultan Nureddin. He did everything he could to rescue the Zengid State from the crisis it had fallen into. What will happen next? Has the trailer for Episode 19 of Saladin the Conqueror of Jerusalem been released?

Episode 19 trailer of Kudus Fateh Selahaddin IS OUT!

You can watch the trailer for the new episode of Saladin the Conqueror of Jerusalem from the link below.



You can watch the last episode of the series in full using the following link:

Episode 18 of Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi



After seizing the Ark of the Covenant, Avram ordered the killing of Sultan Nureddin. Despite Saladin’s efforts to rescue him, he was unsuccessful. Sultan Nureddin was severely wounded by Gregor and fell into the river.

Despite his severe injuries, Saladin jumps into the river after Sultan Nureddin. The news of Sultan Nureddin’s serious injury and fall into the river causes a sensation in the palace. Meanwhile, Mevdud takes action and searches for Nureddin where he disappeared. Saladin, despite managing to get out of the river, is severely injured. Nevertheless, he sets out to search for Nureddin.

Mevdud concludes that Sultan Nureddin is dead as a result of the search. Upon this, he takes action to ascend to the throne to avenge his brother and prevent chaos in the state. However, Saladin arrives at this point and declares that Sultan Nureddin is alive. They must find him at any cost. Mevdud considers Saladin’s stance as a conspiracy against him. He sends Shirkuh, Isfahani, and Melike, who agree with Saladin, away from the palace. This action leads to division within the state.

Avram, the instigator of all these events, believes he is nearing his ultimate goal. He now possesses the Ark of the Covenant. With the economic and military power at his disposal, he will act to conquer Damascus, the capital of the Zengid State, where internal turmoil has begun.

Is Sultan Nureddin, whose absence has caused great turmoil and conflict among the rulers, still alive? Will he be found? Will the impending danger of the Crusader-Jewish coalition, which is approaching, be able to conquer Damascus? Will Avram be able to achieve his long-awaited great ambition? What chaos will Mevdud, who seized the throne, cause? Will Saladin be able to save the Zengid State from the crisis it is in?

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