Iqra Kanwal Mehndi Pictures & Videos

Great celebrations of Iqra Kanul’s wedding began in Lahore۔ First, there was a small bridal shower with close friends and family۔ After that, they celebrated for Mayon and Mahindi۔ These events received a lot of attention on social media and fans loved the beautiful moments before Iqra Kanol’s wedding۔

Aqra Kanol’s wedding was on the rise last night with a grand henna ceremony۔ She looked fabulous in a beautiful sea green dress۔ Her sisters made a wonderful entry into a decorated basket, which created a happy scene۔ Alia Tanya Beauty Salon in Lahore cast her spell on Iqra, and the result was fascinating۔ The skilled photodactor captures the essence of the evening through pictures of the enchanting henna which will definitely become lovely memories۔

Aqra wore a beautiful sea green dress that matched the celebration۔ Make-up, done expertly, retains its natural charm and brings out its features۔ The whole event was a visual invitation, carefully arranged to make it a great opportunity with every detail۔ Aqra shared beautiful photos and watched fans closely at the magic of his henna night۔

Iqra Kanwal Mehndi Pictures & Videos

Today, Iqra Kanwal shared stunning HD pics from her Mehndi, showing the joy with friends and family. The photos captured laughter, dancing, and a close bond. As the wedding continues, these moments prove the love surrounding Iqra on her special day. Fans are hooked on this fairy tale, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in her star-studded wedding.

If you also want to see pictures from the Mehndi event of Iqra Kanwal and Areeb Pervaiz, take a look below.

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