Isha Malviya started to work in Pakistani dramas

India actress Isha Malviya, who made news for her stint in the reality show Bigg Boss 17, said she is willing to work in a Pakistan drama.

Isha Malviya was asked about her prospects of working in a Pakistani drama in an interview.

“Given an offer to work in a Pakistani drama and the shooting is in Dubai and there are handsome guys in the lead and you’ve been given a role which is good and all the other formalities are sorted, would you take the opportunity?” the interviewer asked. Isha Malviya replied that she would take up the offer but would prefer that the shooting takes place in India.

“I’d like to work but my first preference would be to work here [India]. I wouldn’t say no but my first preference would be to stay here in Mumbai and work,” she replied.

As far as her showbiz career is concerned, Isha Malviya has worked in a Bollywood film ‘Udaariyan’ and number of music videos.

She performed consideably well in Bigg Boss 17 and was evicted on 98th day of the competion. Renowned stand-up comedian, rapper and poet Munawwar Faruqi emerged as the winner with Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra as the first and second runners-up.

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